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We are a digital marketing agency that helps educators, service providers, and educational agents connect with their target clients. We create digital marketing strategies to help your company achieve its goals. We create mutually beneficial ties between your company and its customers. One of the most efficient ways for you to expand your business is through our digital marketing agency.

We are also a leading ED-digital marketing agency that provides an array of services in the field of Public & Media Relations, email marketing, Consumer Content, social media marketing, branding and more. We provide these services to a broad range of educational clients across Europe and internationally. We are a team of highly qualified, dynamic and experienced individuals who are constantly growing in their respective fields, as well as being committed to our clients and the educational community.

Additionally, the organization leverages AI solutions to enhance customer service and support. A highlighted offering is an AI Chatbot that can promptly respond to prospective student inquiries about courses, programs, enrollment, and more. The Chatbot provides tailored information to each prospect and guides them through signing up. This streamlines communication, ensures prompt assistance, and creates a positive experience that makes prospects more likely to choose the client institution.

In summary, core services include strategic media relations, compelling consumer content creation, social media management, and AI chatbots/tools to optimize customer service. The focus is helping clients forge strong connections with target audiences like customers, students, partners, etc. This is achieved through customized content across media platforms, social channels, and automated yet personalized AI assistance. The ultimate goal is building brand awareness, affinity, and driving consumer actions that support the client’s desired outcomes.

We offer a comprehensive package of digital marketing services to our clients at affordable prices. We create strategies that will help you build your brand, increase sales and improve your search engine ranking.

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