Engaging Prospective Students on TikTok

As TikTok has exploded in popularity among teens and young adults, higher education institutions have taken notice of its potential for student recruitment and outreach. TikTok, with over 1 billion monthly active users, provides a unique opportunity to connect with Gen Z—the demographic that now comprises the majority of potential college students.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five key strategies for leveraging TikTok to engage prospective students and promote your college or university.


#1 – Create an Authentic Brand Presence


The first step is simple – create a TikTok account for your school. But don’t stop there. You need to develop an authentic brand presence that resonates with students.

Your TikTok content should showcase your school’s personality and values. Let prospective students get to know you through fun, engaging videos. Highlight your campus culture, student life, academics, and anything else that makes your university unique.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box! TikTok is the perfect place to showcase your school spirit with cheer videos, dances, challenges, and more. Leverage trends and viral sounds when appropriate, but also develop original content that feels genuine to your brand.

Most importantly, interact with viewers and cultivate a community by liking comments, responding to questions, and more. This organic engagement helps prospective students feel connected to your school.


#2 – Give an Inside Look at Campus Life


One of the most effective ways to engage prospective students on TikTok is by giving them an authentic inside look at campus life. Create videos that make viewers feel like they’re right there with you.

Show dorm rooms, the dining hall, popular study spots, and other quintessential campus locations. Capture students walking to class, cheering at games, performing in theater productions, and participating in other on-campus activities.

Let your school’s spirit and community shine through. Prospective students want a raw, unfiltered glimpse at what it’s really like to attend your university. TikTok provides the perfect platform.

You can also encourage current students to get involved by reposting their videos or using a branded hashtag. User-generated content like this feels organic and genuine.


#3 – Spotlight Your Facilities


TikTok is the ideal channel for showing off your most impressive campus facilities. From state-of-the-art laboratories to newly renovated libraries, awe-inspiring sports complexes to high-tech makerspaces, put your stellar facilities in the spotlight.

Create dedicated videos that provide virtual tours of your newest buildings and renovations. Show students interacting with cutting-edge technology and equipment. Explain how certain spaces enrich the student experience and academic opportunities.

Prospective students want to know they’ll have access to top-notch resources and facilities. TikTok gives you a way to showcase these assets and get students excited about attending your school. Don’t be shy—this is your chance to brag a little!


#4 – Strategically Partner with Influencers


One of the most effective TikTok marketing tactics is collaborating with popular creators. But you need to be strategic about which influencers you work with.

Look for TikTok creators who are genuinely interested in higher education, not just any influencer with a large following. Make sure they’re a natural fit for promoting your school based on location, target demographics, content style, and more.

Then, work together to create co-branded content that provides value for viewers while organically integrating your brand. For example, an influencer could tour the campus, try out popular local spots, interview students, and more.

The right influencer partnerships allow you to tap into existing audiences and get your school on prospective students’ radars. Just ensure the collaborations feel authentic, not forced.


#5 – Collect User-Generated Content


User-generated content (UGC) can be highly effective on TikTok. Encourage current students to create TikToks about their college experience using a branded hashtag like #Lifeat[YourSchool].

You can then like, comment on, and re-share this UGC. With students’ permission, compile these videos into TikTok comps showing authentic student perspectives.

This student-sourced content performs well because it feels real and relatable. It provides social proof that your school delivers an amazing experience.

You can even launch TikTok challenges or campaigns to generate UGC around themes like school spirit, campus life, academics, and more. Get creative in mobilizing your students to brag about your university!




In today’s digital world, TikTok provides immense opportunities for higher education marketing and outreach. By taking an authentic, creative approach, you can produce content that captivates prospective students and gets them excited about your school.

Implement these five strategies to organically integrate your brand into TikTok trends and culture. Showcase your campus, facilities, student life, and values in ways that resonate with youth. Strategic influencer partnerships and user-generated content add power.

With smart, strategic use of TikTok, you can expand your reach, boost brand awareness, and connect with prospective students in new ways. Meet Gen Z where they are—on TikTok—and watch your school stand out from the crowd.